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Legal Services and Prices


If you are reading this on your mobile phone, please check out  the website on a desktop or laptop, which has a description of each service offered.  The website is:                                         

A last will and Testament is a legal document that states how you want your assets (house, money, car, personal


belongings) to be distributed when you die         

Last Will and Testament - $250.

A power of attorney is a written document signed by you giving an individual power to handle your


financial affairs.  A power of attorney may give unlimited power or be restricted to certain action.**

Power of Attorney - $125.

      A healthcare surrogate is an adult you chose and appoint to make medical decisions when you are unable to do so

(for example, if you are unconscious after an accident).  A healthcare surrogate is also called a medical proxy or a


medical power of attorney A Living Will is a document that tells the hospitals and doctors not to hook you up to a


machine to keep you alive artificially (for example, you are in a persistent vegetative state)Having a living will also


takes takes the pressure off your family to make this decision     

Healthcare Surrogate + Living Will - $100.


       A "Lady Bird" deed gives the owner complete control over real property in Florida  during his or her life.  Once


the owner dies, the property is automatically transferred to the heirs WITHOUT the need for probate.  This is


accomplished by recording a death certificate with the Clerk of Court.**  

"Lady Bird" Deed - $175.


           Probate is the court supervision of the distribution of an individual's assets (home, money, personal


belongings,etc.).  Summary administration can be used if an individual's estate is worth less than $75,000 or the


individual has been deceased for more than two years. **



starting at $1,000.



There are guardianships for adults and guardianships for minors.  In either case, the Court appoints an individual


 to make decisions regarding the child or adult's health, welfare or property.All guardianships are supervised by 

 Court and the guardian must make annual accountings to the Court. **


If you become incompetent, or ever need a guardian, this document tells the Court who you want to be your guardian.



starting at $1500.


Pre-Need Guardian - $150.



When an adult with a developmental disability needs a guardian, the Court appoints a guardian advocate.  It is 


similar to a regular guardianship, but is specifically used for adults with a developmental disability.  A guardian


advocate has the same powers and responsibilities as a regular guardian. **



Accident cases, such as slip and fall, car accidents, truck accidents, semi-truck accidents, accidents that occur in a


home or apartment complex, dog bite cases, wrongful death products liability are handled on a contingency basis;


that is, attorney fees are based on a percentage of the amount recovered.**



A pet trust is a document that specifies how your animals would be cared for and taken care of

financially if you pass away.  A pet trust may also provide instructions if you become disabled and can no longer take care of


them yourself. 



Guardianship Advocate - $750.





Pet Trusts - $750.



Accident Cases


Filing fees, recording fees and other costs are additional

Which of the above documents 

                             do you need?

Which of the above documents 

                does   your family need?

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